Friday, October 10, 2008

Affiliate Marketing- Who can do affiliate marketing?

Who can do affiliate marketing? Are there any necessary qualifications to become an affiliate marketer? Do you have to earn a degree in business, finance or management to become an affiliate? Do you have to be rich? The answers for all the above questions are no, no and NO. Anyone who is interested, who is ready to put in some hard work, learn the successful methods used by superaffiliates, and follow a proven business plan can become a successful affiliate. That would include all people from stay at home moms, at home caregivers, college students, retired people, employed people trying to make a part-time income and many more.
Do you have to know business or management to become an affiliate? Ask Rosalind Gardner, successful superaffiliate and author of 'The super Affiliate Handbook' and she would emphatically say NO. When she started experimenting with affiliate marketing back in 1999, she could barely surf the internet. All she had was a motivation to escape from the 9 to 5 rut and become her own boss. So, the basic qualification to become an affiliate would be motivation, hardwork and willingness to learn from successful affiliates.
Finally, do you have to be rich and have substantial money in your bank account to venture into affiliate marketing? Definitely no. The most attractive factor about affiliate marketing is that it requires no upfront huge investment to become an affiliate. Becoming an affiliate for clickbank, commission junction or stores like Amazon etc are free, the only expense would be for promoting your products.

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