Friday, October 17, 2008

Get Paid to Drive a Car.

If you read the title of this blog and thought it was a scam, you are wrong. You can actually get paid to drive your own car or even get a new car and just pay insurance and maintenance for it. Well, who would be ready to pay you for driving a car and why do they do that? Simply put, it is a method of advertisement in which the companies advertise their business on your car with either a small decal or a complete car wrap. Advertising on a car is a very innovative method of advertisement, because how many times have we got stuck in traffic, having nothing to do but stare at the rear windshield of the car in front of us or at our side? Imagine if an advertisement is put up in that window, how much exposure would the advertising business get?
Who can apply for this scheme? There are certain conditions like age limits, mileage driven, location where car will be driven and so on. Usually anyone above 18 years of age may be allowed to apply for this. Some companies require that you drive atleast a 1000 miles per month to qualify for this program while others just ask you to drive the usual routes that you drive everyday. Is there a catch? Not much. Some companies may reject people who do not meet the requirement criteria, others may make you wait for a few months till a suitable advertisement for your location comes up. You just have to remember that the advertisement should be constantly displayed on your car wherever you drive. You cannot remove the decal just because you are going to your friend's house or to the church!
How much you can earn from this varies from company to company. A few pay as low as $50 per month, while others may pay upto $300 or even $400 every month. You can also be paid for referring your friends or other advertisers to this scheme. Some companies also provide you with a free car wrapped with advertisements and require you to maybe pay for insurance and general maintenance. Some come equipped with GPS systems so that the mileage covered by you could be kept track of.
How do you find companies who will be ready to sign you up for this scheme? Well, you can go to a search engine like Google and find out, or to make your work simpler, you can subscribe to directories which list a number of such companies. Some of the few directories which I am aware of is,, and

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